Beds for Kids

Beds for Kids

Kids beds are made just for kids. They are the right size and often the wood andaccompanying sheets are decorated just for kids. A classic example is the full bed thathas a castle shaped headboard and a frilly canopy; just right for a little princess. Orperhaps you might envision a twin bed shaped like a boat with dark brown wood; perfectfor your little pirate.

However. there are lots of other choices for kids beds. Bunk beds have evolved sincewe were kids. They now have themes just like pirate and princess beds. But not onlythat, they come in a variety of metals and wood ?nishes. Kids bunk beds often havedrawers for storing clothes or toys and a desk for doing homework or art projects. Themost recent development is bunk beds sized for younger children. They still sleep twokids but are shorter and often come with a tiny slide for getting out of bed. How cute!

Finally, we come to the two most unique offerings in the beds for kids category; lofts andtrundles. Trundle beds can ?t under almost any type of bed whether it?s a twin, full oreven bunk bed. Trundle beds are great space savers because 2 kids can still sleep butthe footprint is the same as a regular bed; and they sneakily look the same. Loft bedsare like bunk beds, but with no bottom bunk. These are a different kind of space saverbecause they allow you to use the ?oor space under a bed; maximizing the availablespace in a small room. The most popular items to put under a loft are a desk and adresser, but you can put anything you want under there.

Now, you know the basic types of beds for kids and have a little information to makechoosing your child?s next bed a little easier. There?s just two more things you need toknow; let your kid have a voice in the decision and have fun!

Sofa Furniture – What to Look For

For modern times, you need modern sofas. Hard sofas that leave marks on your skin and cause pain are a thing of the past.

Sofas these days are plush and comfortable as can be! When looking for a sofa, you should keep certain things in mind. Here

are some factors to consider in your hunt for a modern sofa.

Style and Design

In selecting a modern sofa, pick one that fits into your home’s decor. Many sofas have a Victorian look, to complement Old

Victorian-style homes. Or, for example, if your home is decorated in a jungle theme, a tiger-print sofa will fit right in.

There are plenty of kinds of sofas out there; you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your home.


Where in the house will your sofa be placed? A loveseat adds a romantic touch to a bedroom. For living rooms, regular and

sectional sofas are great. Individual sofas are made for specific rooms in a home, so keep this in mind when doing your

shopping to save both money and time.


How much space do you have available for your new sofa? After all, you don’t want to buy a sofa only to find out you don’t

have room for it! Fortunately, there’s a sofa for any home, big or small. Much of this furniture, furthermore, includes

storage space, making it easier to decorate a small room.


What function do you want your sofa to serve? Will the sofa entertain guests? Does it need to double as a sofa bed for

overnight visitors? Nowadays, sofas multitask just like everything else. Today a sofa is much more than just a sofa. It is

able to be an extra bed or even a storage space. The sofa can even be used to rest your feet.

Sofa Furniture Questions & Answers

Question: What wall color would go well with my black and gold sofa n furniture?
I have a black and gold (zebra-like design) sofa, with other other gold and black furniture. My biggest problem however is finding a wall color that would go well with them.

Answer: look to a very muted- lightest tint of gold paint you can find it will warm and compliment the room without competing with your furnishings(and please don’t go with the reds suggested -it will look like a brothel)

Question: Have you ever bought a sofa from Furniture Row Outlet?
If you have bought a sofa from Furniture Row Outlet did you like it? How was the quality – did it hold up?

Answer: I bought a sofa and a loveseat from Furniture Rpw. It is in my living room right now, and we like it.

Question: Best way to remove cat hair from sofa and furniture?
I love my Siamese cat, but twice a year she sheads many hair on the furniture, and even though she stays out most of the time, they look ugly. what is the best way to remove them?

Answer: The best way to keep the hair levels down is to have your hubby brush the cats every day. OUTSIDE !!

Question: Where can I find a good but cheap online furniture store to buy a sofa bed etc?
Where can I find a good but cheap online furniture store to buy a sofa bed etc? Somewhere in Australia as well. No one seems to sell sofa beds except those ugly futons.


Question: What kind of furniture goes with black leather sofa without making it look like a guys apartment?
I am moving in with my boyfriend but he insists to have black leather sofas. I dont know with what furniture to combine it with or what color to give it feminine touch.

Answer: How about something like this:
Don’t try to make the place look to girly, instead go for a more sophisticated modern look you both will appreciate. A really nice throw always softens a leather couch. The kitchen set like this would really bring the rooms together:
I got this idea from another Yahoo user and I thought the look was incredible. Hope you like it too.

Question: What color furniture for brown sofa and blue accent color (a silver accessories)?
I recently purchased my first home. I bought a brown sofa and the accent color is a nice blue. There are also some silver accents throughout the area. The home has an open floor plan, so the kitchen sits off the dining area. The kitchen has light wood cabinets. I need a dining table and an entertainment center (flat screen tv stand w/ two towers). I saw a a black dining set and tv stand which I love, but wasn’t sure if they would work with my color scheme. Or should I do dark wood for those pieces? let me know your thoughts!

Answer: i had a similar situation when moving into my apartment a month ago. i purchased a black tv stand and coffee table for my living room, but i ended up having to exchange it for a medium wood. it was nice furniture but it didn’t correspond with apartment at all. to save you the trouble, i would stay away from the black and go for a more medium tone wood.

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