Ashley Furniture Coffee Table

Choosing the proper living room furniture can be a major decision. Now that you have selected the right sofa and chairs, what will you use for a coffee table? Are you struggling to find the right elements to complement what you have in the room, or perhaps make a bold contrast? You may be searching for a brand name that you can depend on. At Ashley, we have been making high quality furniture since 1945. We have a tremendous variety of coffee tables and living room sets for you to select from.

Thus, you should be asking yourself what you’re interested in finding. Are you looking for styles made of wood? Maybe made of metal? Perhaps you would like a glass top? Will it be long or short, and what will the shape be? Ashley offers a huge selection and great variety in coffee tables.

The Ackley cocktail table looks great, and it is also practical.

Featuring a sleek finish for the top and ample storage and display room beneath, it makes a terrific everyday table, yet adds a refined touch. Perhaps you’d like the sturdy Bongo table collection, with its strong and rustic cocktail table paired with end tables that provides a touch of Old World style.

Perhaps you seek a more elegant and showy style. The Bittersweet table features pine for the top paired with decorative wrought-iron look legs, adding a touch of Parisian cafe’ style! Perhaps you want to ask the neighbors over for tea and enjoy your deep dark stained Rafferty coffee table. Featuring classic styling in the base, with decorative nailhead trim, it imparts a European flair to any room.

What about the modern style? If you are looking for a space-age effect, you will want to see the Charla set. It has a metal base and tapered legs that support a glass tabletop. A Dempsey table is a choice that offers simplicity yet appealing lines. Featuring glass-topped construction over a glossy black shelf, this style is ideal for sharing conversation and drinks with friends. Maybe you are searching for something more unique in the same style, examine the Pascal.

You might possess a lot of creativity, and you’d like to be able to make an expressive statement. For a real touch of personality, consider the intriguing style of a Spirit Lake rectangular table.

Check out the Loyel to discover if this style suits you. You can move it around your home to different location because it comes with wheels. The ridged, wooden legs of a Ferretti occasional table make it yet another excellent choice.

Looking for a table to use on your patio? If you are thinking of an outdoorsy, summer day sort of effect, have a look at the Lasour. It has a glass top that is supported by a bent wood frame. The Printz cocktail table looks good in either the front or backyard. This glass-topped style with stone tiles inset around the periphery provides an ideal spot for sipping your morning coffee or noontime iced tea out on the patio.

The Ashley Company has something for any style you may be interested in. Because Ashley offers stylish choices at a reasonable price, it’s easy to see why they’re now the biggest furniture maker in North America. So next time you are looking for a table for any room, you know where to go to find one.

Ashley Furniture Questions & Answers

Question: How does Ashley furniture compare to Lazy Boy?
Im looking to buy a sectional and recliner and im thinking about going to with Ashley furniture. How does it compare to Lazy Boy? Will it last as long? Is it as sturdy as Lazy boy?

Answer: That’s like comparing a Chevy to a Cadillac. Ashley being the Chevy.

Question: When is the best time to buy from Ashley Furniture?
I want to buy a bedroom set from Ashley Furniture. When do they have the best prices? What kind of sale schedule do they have?

Answer: Though I do not know a whole lot about Ashley’s retail stores, I do know the company well; the furniture retailer for whom I worked sales, customers service, and management was an Ashley dealer. I can only assume, as one of the other responses did, that they function in much the same way that other discount furniture retailers do.

Furniture stores, as was mentioned, tend to have some definite sale times. Statistically, the big weekends of the year are memorial day and labor day. Those also tend to be the days of the biggest sales (generally a circus in the store, so check to see if they start sales prior to the actual holiday weekend). Additionally, any other “3 day weekend” holiday tends to trigger furniture sales.

Question: What is the markup on ashley furniture?
How much does ashley mark their furniture up? How much can you work them down on a price?

Answer: I used to work in a high-end furntiure store and can tell you the markup is right around 100% (50%-in retail terms). So, if they paid $500 for a sofa, they will sell it for $1000. Ashley furniture is not good quality, so if you pay $1000 for a sofa there, you are probably getting ripped off. This is just my opinion.

Question: Is this a good price on an Ashley furniture dinette set?
I’m considering buying a used Ashley furniture dinette set. Its a nine foot cherry table, very ornate carved wood and very elaborate and formal. It comes with eight upholstered chairs. The seller is asking $2300 or best offer. I can’t find any Ashley prices on line so I have no idea if this is a good price or not. Anyone know if that seems like a good price?

Answer: I know Ashley is higher priced furniture so they probably paid $4,000-$5,000 for it. I don’t know your budget, but to me, thats seems kinda high for a dinette set. I would say it’s worth it only if you ABSOLUTELY love it.

Question: Are the sofas at Big Lots any good? They say they’re by Ashley, are they really Ashley Furniture?
Are they just stealing the name Ashley to trick you into thinking they’re Ashley Furniture? They are a great price but will they last? Thanks!

Answer: Ashley furniture is just middle of the road quality furniture. About 10 years ago I worked for a furniture company called “Value City Furniture”. They carried alot of Ashley brand furniture…Bedroom sets, dining room sets, sofas, living room casual tables, etc. We saw alot of repairs on that brand furniture. You know the old saying…”You get what you pay for.”

Question: Ashley Furniture Replacement Parts?
Where can I get replacement parts for ashley furniture?

Particularly a 6 poster king size bed head/footboard part # B521?


Question: Is pier 1 and ashley furniture the same company?
The reason i ask is because they just had my identical couch on the price is right i mean totally identical down to the pillows. But They said it was an Ashley couch and mine definitely says pier 1.

Answer: Pier 1 uses manufacturer’s in Southeast Asia to knock off other manufacturer’s designs and then imports them back into the US. That is often why you will see furniture in Pier 1 that totally looks like something you have seen elsewhere or that another manufacturer has discontinued.

Question: If you where to Furnish a Home would you use Ashley Furniture?
I am just wondering if anyone has used an Ashley Homestore or Ashley Furnishing in an entire home…

Answer: I haven’t used them yet but I plan to after comparison shopping. The living room set that I want from Ashley’s is significantly lower priced than the same thing at some other well known stores.