Cheap Sofa Beds Furniture

Those living in one-bedroom apartment units are always looking for space-saving ideas. More important still, you’d like to provide an inviting spot for friends to gather, yet still have somewhere to sleep when everyone’s gone home. Sofa beds, which serve as sofas in the daytime and then convert to beds for sleeping, are likely to be the ideal choice for you. The following are suggestions for locating cheap sofa beds.

Among the top means of finding convertible type sofa beds is to shop around on the internet. If you do your shopping for bedding on the internet, you are likely to discover a wide array of furniture items from which to choose.

So it is better to browse through online stores first prior to shopping in local furniture stores. Frequently you can locate cheap sofa beds you can’t find in any stores, for a great savings, making them really reasonably priced.

The main reason is that the cost of doing business online is very low, making it easy to offer low prices. Because they have less overhead and more competition, Internet stores can offer less expensive merchandise than retail  stores.

When shopping for convertible type sofa beds, another smart place to look is any outlets that don’t get a lot of customer traffic. A good place to look for cheap living room or bedroom furniture is any family-owned store, for instance.

In addition, you should shop around at outlets where furniture is built. Big department type retailers frequently buy their furnishings from these outlets, then turn around and mark it up. For this reason, cheap sofa beds are much simpler to find at outlets that don’t get as many shoppers.

Convertible type sofa beds can be a terrific choice for nearly any apartment space, spare room, or family room. Don’t forget that your sofa bed will also need sheets and pillows as well as a comforter — items that should be included in your shopping list. Once you locate a store selling cheap sofa beds, it might be a good idea to shop for these accessories for your bed at the same location.

Not only will this make things easier, but it allows you to save gas money or additional shipping costs if you purchase everything together from an online retailer.

When you are searching for cheap sofa beds, you’ll find you have a number of alternatives. What you want to remember is to steer clear of buying bedroom furniture at a big department store type retailer.

Different sellers on the internet might offer the greatest options for cheap sofa beds.

Cheap Sofa Beds Furniture Questions & Answers

Question: Cheap sofa beds for under $300 in south australia?
does anyone know of any stores that stock cheap sofa beds for under 300 dollars, i know of the ikea solsta but that is all for this price.

Answer: Hi i live in Qld and there is a place called Fantastic Furniture, not sure if you have it in SA though. They do have a website.

Question: Where to buy cheap sofa bed in NYC?
Can anyone recommend a good place to buy a nice reasonably priced sofa bed that will ship free to the five Boroughs?

Answer: We bought a really cheap sofabed in ikea in the UK but it is on thier website – cost us just £80 and is very comfy

Question: Im looking for sofa beds to buy i need about 3 so i need cheap ones?
im movin in to a house without any furniture so i need cheap air bed oe sofa beds

Answer: check out ikea. they have sofa beds for a decent price. also you can go to, they have really nice futons and sofas for a great price as well.

Question: Lightweight, cheap sofa bed?
I’m considering getting a sofa bed to replace my air mattress, and I was wondering, who makes a twin or full/double size sofa bed that is relatively lightweight and cheap (as in, under $300 and if possible, under 50 pounds in weight)? And has armrests too? I’ve seen one for $150 at IKEA, but it’s a whopping 90 pounds, and they don’t have any other cheap ones with armrests.

Answer: Consider a futon. You can get them at Walmart for 150 to 300 bucks, and they are light.

Question: Wheres a good place to get a cheap Futon/sofa bed?
I just turned my garage into a “hang-out” room, and i want to put a futon in there, or sofa bed. I found one at target for $189, but it had some bad reviews. Does anyone know where I can get a decent one for $250 and under? Thanks!

Answer: We got one from believe it or not habitat for humanity, and it was amazing. Never be afraid to check out stores like goodwill, Salvation Army, HFH, and so many other second hand stores.

Question: Were can i find cheap furniture?
were can i find cheap sofa beds or sectionals?

Answer: Online places like cragslist and e-bay usually have a lot of people selling their furniture.

Also check out your local salvation army or other thrift stores.

Question: Hi everyone, anyone got lobang where to get a cheap and nice sofa bed?
need to buy one sofa bed, but ikea one too ex…. anyone can help?

Answer: Ikea. Or if you don’t mind secondhand furniture you might try the Salvation Army Store or Goodwill Industries. Or check the yellow pages for warehouses that sell used furniture. You can find used furniture in mint condition if you take your time and look around. Or check (or .net or .com) in your city because a lot of people post furniture for sale and sometimes for free if you go pick it up.

Question: Where can i find a smallish cheap, cute white sofa?
I want to add a white sofa against the end of my bed for pillows and stuffed animals (I know..stuffed animals?? They’re just something i will never grow out of) ;] and i want to find one, if you find one, could you add a picture? Thank you so much!!!

Answer: Keep your eyes open while hitting second hand stores and garage sales. I wouldn’t worry too much about the fabric or pattern, just the size and style of the loveseat. (probably a better ‘fit’ than a sofa) Then you can always purchase or make a slip cover in white canvas or heavy cotton duck. White slipcovers are really a cool idea….they give a softer, cool summer look AND if they get dirty or dusty…you just pull them off and toss in a hot wash with a bit of bleach and they look brand new. Slip covers also let you have a couple different colors and patterns for easy change in decorating.