Classic Leather Sofa Furniture

The basic Chesterfield type design is not the only option in sofas anymore. These days there are a lot of very diverse styles in leather furniture. Now everyone can enjoy a stylish highlight in their living room. Or perhaps you would prefer a plush, comfy style that settles right into your home.

Whatever the case may be, leather sofas are not just any old piece of furniture to take a seat on. This type of sofa provides a stylish and comfortable atmosphere.  As a bonus the passing years will just find your leather sofa looking beautiful and comfortable as it retains its charm.

A leather sofa is more than just good looking, if taken care of it can last an entire lifetime. When you experience the inviting warmth of real leather when you are seated you will realize that this is a natural product.  You can count on it to be durable and long lasting.

The usual black leather sofas that can be bought anytime are perfect for mixing with nearly any kind of furnishing decor. A black leather sofa will fit nicely in any bachelor pad today or with old teak furniture in simple traditional arrangements.

An area with seating which is furnished with leather offers very special comfort and never fails to cry out “class”. Of course, it depends on the size of your living room, but the classic combination of two small sofas and a big leather armchair is always a good idea.

Even having a large leather sofa which overpowers the living room, certainly says something about the way the owner lives. A single guy can buy a leather sofa for his bachelor pad.  When he gets married and has kids, his sofa can come along and be right at home.

Unlike sofas made of other materials with a shorter lifetime, a leather sofa is durable and can be a great investment. Leather furniture that is taken care of can last an entire generation. Scheduled cleaning with the recommended products is necessary if you wish to maintain a healthy and long standing relationship with this special item of furniture.

As with any other quality leather goods, a suave leather sofa needs some regular care. Conventional fabric covered seating is harder to maintain than leather sofas. A leather sofa is  simple to maintain on a day by day basis. Additionally, it won’t hold lingering smells the way fabric upholstery does.

Simply use a damp cloth in case of spills and accidents.  Your leather sofa can be cleaned up in a jiffy, and you won’t be dealing with the problem of trying to remove stains from fabric and the foam that is inside the cushion.

Just throw a few attractive cushions onto your leather sofa and you will have a comfortable, stylish look.  You are sure to find that life with a leather sofa is a real pleasure for you and for your guests.

Leather Sofa Furniture Questions & Answers

Question: Does leather furniture, sofa and loveseat no wood, survive the elements in FL, on patio under gazebo?

Answer: Don’t do it. I picked up a leather couch to go in my screened room seating area with 2 bamboo chairs w/ Leather seats.

It started mildewing in just 3 weeks. If you do this, you will be cleaning each and every piece every 3-4 weeks. If you are going to spend the money go with a sumbrella material.

Question: Are there any companies that sell leather furniture protection plans directly to the consumer?
I purchased a dark leather sofa and furniture protection plan was not offered at time of sale. I am looking for a reputable company that i can purchase a protection plan from.

Answer: Warranty schemes are available for leather furniture but are normally offered at the time of sale. However if you purchase one you often find that there is a lot of small print which in the end does not cover you for an awful lot so read them carefully first. I am not sure whether you can buy ones after purchase but companies like Multimaster, Guardsman and Valspar all do them.

Question: Can you have Expresso Brown Dining furniture next to black leather sofa’s?

Having a real problem at the moment as we want to buy a new dining set which is Oak and has the High back leather chairs but can’t find any anywhere in black as all the sets in the shops the chairs are expresso brown which is quite dark. My problem is my house has a lounge diner and my Sofa’s are Black leather. Would the Expresso brown leather clash with the black leather?

Answer: It’s a wonderful contrast. The mistake would be trying to match the leathers instead of having the dining set compliment the sofa and give more depth and tone to the room.

Question: What furniture store can I find a nice soft plush leather reclining sofa – it has to be wide enough for?
long legs. Every time I find a leather sofa it’s either too rigid or you sit too straight up in it. I haven’t found one yet that’s reclining and also plush.

Answer: It depends on where you live. Art Van and Gardner White are two popular furniture stores in Michigan. I have had nothing but great customer service and the quality of furniture is great too, at Art Van.

Question: How does leather furniture hold up to pets?
We have a dog that jumps up and sits of our furniture. We are considering a leather sofa..does it hold up to pets?

Answer: Not too great. Their nails can cut the leather or scratch it at the very least. The leather couches that have that rustic worn look and are the softer leather tend to do better becuase it already looks worn but it still can rip. You can teach your dog that the couches are off limits. I have 3 and I let them get on the bed when I am reading before bed but they are not allowed on the couch and they know it.

Question: Where to buy best leather sofa sets?
I am looking around for good deals to buy a nice 4 pc leather sofa set.But I don’t have much knowledge about different types of leathers.Which ones are good or not etc.
The prices highly vary from store to store.i don’t want to end up buying some cheap leather just because it looks good and the price is good.
I need help,tips & information to buy leather furniture for my living room.

Answer: Look for natural top grain cowhide.

Ashley has some nice stuff if you like sofas that recline. I have recently been shopping their leather sofas.

Question: How can I clean my leather furniture?
I have 2 kids and they have almost ruined my leather furniture! I have tried the cleaner from the furniture store but it didn’t help. Is there something else I can try or do I need to have it professionally cleaned? Does anyone know approximately how much it costs to have a leather sofa and loveseat professionally cleaned? I’ve only had it for 2 years and it was expensive so I don’t want to replace it. It’s not the shiny kind of leather, it is the softer kind.

Answer: Here’s a web site that I hope will help you….:)

Question: Leather furniture with pets and kids?
I’ve fallen in love with a leather sofa, but we have kids and a dog and I’ve heard mixed things about leather’s durability.

Anyone had any experience with leather furniture with kids and dogs?

Answer: In my life time I’ve had around 7 living room sets. All were destroyed or looked like s..t in no time due to kids. I decided to buy a leather sofa and leather love seat. I love it. I have had it for 4 years so far, a hell of alot longer that my other ones lasted and it still looks great. If there is a spill, I just wash it with a little soap and water and dry it thouriughly and its fine. I would never get a furniture made out of materail again. I say, go for it. ANd as far as a dog….my daughter bought a leather one and its the only piece of furniture that the dog doesn’t WANT to lie on.

Question: What furniture goes best with a dark brown leather sofa.?
I’m not sure whether to get glass/steel tables and cabinets to match or if wood is better. If so what colour wood? Any advice appreciated.

Answer: I’d consider looking for a bamboo table to match up with the leather. Both are products of nature and you are able to find many differents shades of stain to set off your couches nicely.

Question: Can I use automobile leather protection products on my leather sofa?
I bought a leather sofa, and now want to clean and protect it. The car care kits seem to be more economical than buying something from a furniture store. Do products made for automobile leather work for furniture leather? Is there a difference between the two upholsteries that prevent the products from being interchangable?

Answer: Leather cleaners/protectants are good for leather! The auto industry products contain more “UV” protection for obvious reasons, and in smaller quantities, for smaller seats. I have used these products on my leather easy chair for a long time, and the only downside I have found, is it makes my chair a little ‘slicker’ than the fur nature store products.