Discount Sofa Furniture

Of course, a sofa is a necessary item of furniture in any home. If you don’t have a good sofa set, your home is simply not

completely decorated. You can make your family living area complete and beautiful with a sofa set that complements the style

and colors of your home.

Your furniture gives an indication of the dignity, style and class of the home. For this reason, people are usually unwilling

to compromise about furniture. Most people buy the best furniture they can for any room in the house, be it bedroom or living

room. A sofa is a very central piece of furniture in any home. You have a lot to choose from in sofas today. You could go

with traditional or get adventurous with sectional sofas, leather sofas, or even a custom designed sofa. Each offers its own

individuality and look.

Expensive Sofas: If you want a really nice, modern sofa set, you will need to spend a bit of money. Of course, that is

unaffordable for most people. Here are the reasons why you should shop for a discount sofa. You are sure to find a nice

discount sofa if you are able and willing to take some time roaming through the discount stores.

Discount Sofas: You can even locate good deals online. Due to a lot of competition, online stores will give good deals on

discount sofas. You can actually get these at any season of the year. Look on line for money saving coupons from the websites

of the stores you are interested in. But you need to spend some time doing research online.

Inexpensive Sofas: Online there are many companies that sell discount sofas but make up the difference with shipping costs

that are exorbitant. You will have to be careful to avoid the internet discount shops so that you do not end up paying more

than you would at another store. You can also purchase some cheaper sofas instead of discount sofas. A futon is a type of

sofa that is made from materials that are quite inexpensive. But, if the futon comes from a high quality store, it is likely

to be high quality. In this case, a futon could be just as good as any other kind of sofa.

There are also leather sofas that just have leather strategically placed in the areas that matter the most. These do not cost

much and very much like discount sofas. It is important to review your budget and list your needs before you go to the

furniture store and look for a sofa. If you are on a tight budget, you could look for discount sofas or inexpensive sofas.

Discount Sofa Furniture Questions & Answers

Question: When buying a sofa that has been on store display what % of a discount would you expect?
The sofa I am interested in has been discontinued, so if I don’t buy this one, I will never have another chance to own it. I expected at least a 25% or more mark down, but the manager offered it to me at only a 12.5% discount.
Should I buy or insist on a better mark down? What is a reasonable or standard markdown percentage in this situation. NEED ANSWER ASAP!!!

Answer: Normally if its discontinued it should be 15-25% off.
Do not go for less than 15. The manager willl cave.

Question: Has any 1 been able to get a discount from dfs on a sofa i was just fobbed off saying they don’t do it?

Answer: well they can give discounts if they really want the sale you must of not pushed them far enough,
if you took it on HP they are less declined to discount on products but if you paid by cash and they still said no discount then they have fobbed you off,
in those types of situations you should just be as cocky and confident about a discount and if they don’t back down then you walk out and go somewhere else

Question: After getting a 35% discount, ray paid $585 for his leather sofa. What was the original price of the sofa?

Answer: Let’s call the original price x. Since he got a 35% discount, he paid 65% of the original price, or 0.65x. So 0.65x = 585. Divide by 0.65 on both sides, and voila! x = 900.

Question: How do you find trade discount rate?
Royal Furniture bought a sofa for $500. The sofa had a $1580 list price. What was the trade discount rate that Royal received?

Answer: (500-1580)*100/1580 = -68.4%

Question: Has anyone rushed out and bought a sofa today?
given the volume of television advertising mounted last evening-how many sofa’s at four years interest free credit,nothing to pay for the first year, 60% discount do they need to sell just to break even?

Answer: Every second advert was for a sofa company having some kind of sale.
Soon it’ll be holiday adverts.

Question: Stain (mostly saliva) resistant sofa upholstery?
My boyfriend and I want to buy a sofa for our new place, but we also have a very slobbery, very large rottweiler. It’s not that he lays on the sofa, but he’ll lay his head on the cushion, or fling his head around when he’s playing and gets saliva everywhere.

We have some upholstered chairs that have saliva stains in random place, so I’d like to avoid this on the sofa by considering the best options.
I found a discount sofa place here that has sofas for cheap. I was thinking of the micro suede.

Answer: I recently purchased a couch in an off-white micro suede. I paid extra to have it treated with Scotch Guard. I spilled milk on one of the arms yesterday. I used a dry cloth to remove the milk laying on the surface. I used another cloth and cold water and dabbed at the wet spot the milk left. This morning after a light brushing, you’d never know milk was spilled.

You can Scotch Guard furniture yourself. You can probably get spray cans of it at your local home improvement store.

Question: Do my consumer rights allow me to get a discount if an item is sold cheaper after i paid full price for it?
I bought a sofa at “the current deal” price only to go back 2 days later to the shop (went back due to an issue on the invoice) and find the same sofa at half the price. Is there anything i can do?

Answer: Yes you can ask for a refund. Be very happy if they give you a partial refund.

Why anyone would buy a big ticket item at full boat is beyond me.