Outdoor Sofas & Funiture

You might not be able to visualize all the possibilities for your outdoor patio. With all the alternatives now for enhancing your outdoor space, it’s only logical to make an effort to add some style. By adding a patio umbrella, pillows, a couch or couches, and a fire pit, you can take an area that appears lifeless and make it a space for get-togethers and entertaining.

Today’s outdoor furniture is more stylish than in the past, and it requires a bit of planning and imagination to arrange it. Decorating and arranging your outdoor patio can be every bit as fun as interior decorating. Just as with your indoor furniture, it’s preferable to space furniture apart somewhat. Your outdoor furniture requires an area to arrange it in. If you have a minimally sized patio, then just an outdoor sofa and little table might be appropriate. You should try to avoid overdoing it with your decorating.

For an effective way to provide protection from the sun, outdoor patio umbrellas are big enough to do the job. If you want to avoid the expense of constructing a trellis or covering your patio, purchasing an umbrella is a good alternative. Patio umbrellas add vibrant color and a touch of style. They are available in striped styles, muted shades, or bold colors. There are umbrellas available that come with more than one shade, with a multiple umbrellas stemming from a single post. With the different dimensions and shapes that umbrellas are available in, you can find one large enough to shade around 10 square feet, or choose a smaller one for an apartment dweller or condo owner.

Whether you are a romantic or you just want to stay warm on cold nights, you will love a fire pit! The popularity of these is rapidly increasing, and you can either use LP gas or just wood to power them. Because it can be hard to maintain a burning fire and prevent any chance of fire spreading, choosing propane makes sense. For a touch of personality in your outdoor seating space, you could think about adding a chiminea. Chimineas are more decorative alternatives to fire pits, more similar in structure to a wood-burning stove.

Enhancing the space on your deck is an excellent way to take in what nature has to offer outside. Relaxing in a cozy chair and star-gazing is one way to get life back in focus. Being in the presence of nature, with invigorating fresh air, helps restore balance and tranquility to a hectic lifestyle.

Outdoor Sofa Furniture Questions & Answers

Question: How do I turn indoor sofas to outdoor furniture?

Answer: Do you mean outdoor or making it covered patio furniture?

You would have to reupholster them in a mildew resistant indoor/outdoor fabric. There is a wide variety of solids and patterns available.

Question: I want some really comfortable outdoor furniture?
I’ve been looking at all sorts of home stores at all-weather patio furniture. I have found styles I like, but when I sit on them they just aren’t comfortable. Or the style is awful, but seats like a nice indoor leather sofa. Anyone have outdoor furniture that just makes you saw “ahhhh” when you sit down? I use my patio after work to relax and would like an “ahhhh” style couch/love seat and a couple of chairs.

Answer: Those sets of plastic wicker with cushions made of weather resistant material are pretty good if you find one of good quality but the most comfortable outdoor seating I have found are those round multi position loungers. You can sleep on them. Can be found at most patio furniture stores, at least in my area. Hope you are as fortunate.

Question: How do you keep outdoor seat cushions from flying away on a roof top?
Roof top in Chicago it gets pretty windy up there. I don’t want to bring them in and out every time I use them. I have a plastic wicker sofa with artificial suede cushions.

Answer: The seat cushions on mine have ties. If yours don’t have any then you can get some bias binding from the notions dept at someplace like Walmart or at a fabric shop and sew them onto the cushions.

I don’t know how i would sow as they are very thick but decided on using outdoor velcro strips and cable ties Thanks for all the responses.

Question: Electric strip for sofa or countertops to keep dogs off?
Does anyone know of a company that carries electric shock strip that you can place on a sofa or countertop. The idea is the same as the invisible electric shock fence for dogs. Summer is approaching and try as I might it is impossible to keep my dogs off my beautiful outdoor sofa. In fact I have to replace the cushions this year because they will not stay off. I thought if I could make it unpleasant with the electric strip they would finally get the message. I don’t need training tips as this is really the only issue my dogs have and otherwise are trained. They just love this sofa and have claimed it for their own.

Answer: I don’t know the brand but look up a Skat (or scat) mat.

That’s what their called

Question: Will my sofa bed rot/mildew in screened in patio?
I want to get a convertible sofa bed or futon (not wood because of termites) to put in my completly screened in and roofed patio. My husband says the fabric parts will midlew and mold and rot and smell and generally be gross.
I was wondering is there any way to treat fabric like that? Since most likely the sofa bed i want does not have removable cushions (its on overstocks homepage ‘chai sofa bed’) I am concerend any advice/experience is appreciated. We live on oahu, leeward side.

What i really wanted was one of those outdoor sectional sofa sets but nobody i foudn carries them here or the shipping is over $100, any info there is appreciated too!

Answer: If you do not prefer wood and fabric, I will rather go with metal and leather (or leather match). It will not mold nor rot and will last forever. You may also use fabric but then you need to use a protection for that. Good product which I used was from Guardian. You spray it with a teflon which does not change your fabric color nor softness and it prevents from any outside factors (sun, moisture, human or pets bodily fluids, wine, lipstick)
I bought a sofabed from www.newvisionfurniture.com and they also have fabric protection also.

Question: How do you refinish really old metal outdoor furniture w/lots of layers of paint on it?

Answer: Improving Wrought Iron Furniture

Remove any peeling paint and trouble spots with a wire wheel attachment on a drill. Remove mildew with a mild bleach and water solution and a rag. Remove rust by applying a rust remover and allowing to dry. A wire brush can help in removing rust.

Apply spray primer in a well-ventilated area. This will coat bare metal areas and seal any possible rust remaining on the chair. Apply two light coats of spray paint. Always read manufacturer suggestions for any paint application tips. Once the paint has dried, you are done. A project like this only costs around 15 dollars and takes about three hours, but up to 48 hours to dry.

Question: Can cat viruses and other disease causing organisms live on fabric?
My neighbor wants to give me a sectional sofa, which she no longer needs. She has 3 outdoor cats. My 3 cats are indoor. I am concerned they could pick-up something from her cats via the common sofa. It’s not like I can wash the sofa down with bleach.

Answer: Yes they can. You can carry herpes virus on your clothes so probably, the virus would be on the couch. Your cat could get fleas, and a lot of illnesses outdoor cats could have. If it were me, I would not take the chance!