Sectional Sofas

Sometimes you just want to divide your sofa into pieces that you can arrange individually as you want. With this in mind,

sectional sofas are designed to provide maximum seating accommodations while optimizing the room you have.

Sectional sofas offer the benefit of interchangeable sections that can be arranged uniquely. Naturally you will want to

change the appearance of your home once in awhile, and you can achieve this by separating the units of the sectional sofa.

The sectionals sold today are sleek in appearance and can be used in many different ways in a room. This simplifies the

arrangement for decorating the room’s interior. Naturally, when you purchase a sectional sofa, you need to consider whether

you will be staying in your current home for a long time. The reason is you may want to choose a smaller sectional sofa if

you think you might one day move to a small apartment.

As you select a sectional sofa, you might choose vibrant material for the upholstery. But, if you do choose vibrant materials

you need to ensure that other colors in the room’s walls, curtains and accessories coordinate with your sectional sofa. By

coordinating and contrasting the pillows you use with your sectional sofa – for instance black on white – you can make a bold

decorative statement. To lend a more roomy look to the area, you might try mixing a variety of hues. Sectional sofas offer

the benefit of providing extra seating space because of the sofa’s design. This makes them ideal furnishings for big

get-togethers. Sectional sofas lend a decorative touch to your home and give it a finished look too.

Sectional Sofas Questions & Answers

Question: Do they make slipcovers for the curved, sectional sofas?
I can only find them for a standard sofa or loveseat.

Answer: You can have slip covers made for anything. It has to be measured to fit. You have to have a slipcover person come and measure each piece and cut it out and sew it: custom made. I had one made for a special shaped chair I had. They did a great job. These people are all over the place. Check the yellow pages of your phone book (if the pages are still yellow).

Question: What color of sofas/sectional sofas will match a yellow wall in the living room?

Answer: You are the one who has to live with the color choices. Here’s a way to rule out regrets!

Sit down and right down three choices of things you like to do for fun, relaxation and escape.

Take each one of those choices and write down three colors that would prevail in each of them.

Now… narrow down to three colors. You can mix and match. Find something for samples of those colors. Take a sample of the paint color on your wall. That’ll help in the comparison.

The final choice should make ya’ wanna escape the job, run home and hide in your living room!

And having three colors takes pressure off of having to choose only one!

Question: What color sofas/sectional look best with red oak hardwood floors?

Answer: any thing that has dark tones in it… If you like country atmosphere then i would go with a dark green or a dark brown or a neutral tan. If you like bright colors that would stand out try reds or cream colors. If you like neutral color go with dark tans… anything really would go with your floor… You just have to ask yourself if you want the floor to stand out or if you want the couch’s to stand out??? Un till then no one could really give you answer..

Question: Do they make C-shaped sectional sofas, as opposed to L-shaped?
Ideally I’m looking for if they make C-shaped loveseats. Please let me know if this sort of sofa exists and where to find.

The walls in my apartment are really weird shapes and I’m trying to dig up solutions.

Answer: I’ve seen one that is in a C-shaped recently, but only one. I gather that they aren’t very common to find as the store I was in was huge, had tons of sectionals but only one that was that shape. It had 3 ottomans that fit into it that made it look like one big bed type of thing. Very cool looking.

Question: Is there slipcovers for sectional sofas?

Answer: great question i once went looking for some slip covers for my sectional and yes there are,they are quiet pricey though,you can get them from walmart,k-mart,places like that.

Question: Where can I buy sectional sofa where we can add more sections for extra seating?
We need atleast 8 seater sectional sofa. Unfortunately all the sectional sofa’s that we find have 6 or less seating. Can you suggest names of furniture stores that lets us add extra sections to make a one large sectional sofa? I do not want separate chairs.

Answer: Ask around. I have seen some from Lazboy and Bassett that I think were bought a la’ carte (each section separately, though maybe in packages). Some are reclining sections, some are double seaters, wedges (where they turn a corner), etc.

Three loveseats and two wedges should get you 8 seats in a giant U arrangement.

Question: Are sectional sofas out of style?
I was thinking of buying one when someone mentioned that they are more 80’s or 90’s and now the style is to have a sofa and love seat. What do you think?

Answer: Sectionals are not really out of style, I personally think they are just harder to work with. Now you can buy sectionals that are made to eaither be a sectional or you can pull them apart and it can be two seperate peices……the new sectionals you can buy are fantastic, they are really stream lined and contempory. The types that come apart are great b/c if you can do alot with it….Good luck

Question: We have many pets. Investing in new sectional sofa; leather or fabric?
My husband and I live with three cats (all different colours), a yellow labrador, a pet rat, and a small child. We are planning to spend up to $2,000 on a new sectional sofa unit for our living room where we spend most of our time. The animals cannot be kept out of this space.

I am thinking leather (or imitation leather) would be easiest to keep free of hair and dirt, and to wipe up spills from. My husband says cloth is just as good if you get it Scotch guarded. I also want to know if anyone has had cats claw on their sofas and how they stopped it – only one of my cats has had his nails yanked and it wasn’t me. I would hate to invest all this money (we are not rich) and have the couch destroyed or filthy in no time.

Answer: We’ve done both. Leather is definitely the way to go. But get a distressed leather that already has a “weathered” look to it. That way minor scratches and punctures won’t be as visible.

And – our cats don’t like the leather. Their claws won’t catch so they move on to the drapes.