Sleeper Sofa

We love our sofa!  It is a comfy place to relax when we just want to hang out and enjoy a pleasant time together in our home.

People choose sofas for their appearance and style, but also want the ability to use the sofa to lounge about comfortably.

This is the reason why there are so many customer requests for sofas with additional functions.

Informal surveys have indicated that people who own sofas want them to do more than just sit there. In fact, the more

functionality a sofa has, the better. As I said, we love our sofa!  It’s a place to sit and a place to sleep! Whenever our

family congregates on the sofa, we go through a nesting phase. Gradually, we gather so many pillows and blankets on the sofa

that our living room begins to look like a bedroom. Sofa companies took notice of this behavior and, recognizing that this

could be a potential market opportunity for them, began producing sofas that could be converted to beds. People have liked

the concept of the sleeper sofa so well that you can now find one in just about every living room or home office.

Having seen sofas evolve this much, we are eager to see just what will be created next! Sleeping and sofas go together, and

as the days and nights pass, we are sure to see even more advances in the evolution of the sleeper sofa. After all, everyone

will always want a comfy, peaceful place to relax at home!

Sleeper Sofa Furniture Questions & Answers

Question: Sleeper Sofa?
I’m looking to purchase a high-quality, microfiber queen sleeper sofa. It needs to have a very comfortable bed, preferably memory foam. Looking to spend under $2,500. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: Jennifer Convertibles might be a good place to start. Sleepers are their thing. But it doesn’t hurt to check with other furniture stores and you need to lay down on them. All companies offer them, all are not comfortable.

Question: Is there a way to change my sofa to a sleeper sofa?
I have great sofa which I do not wish to ge rid of, but wish it has a sleeper inside. Can I add the sleeper into nomal sofa?

Answer: I don’t think so..have never heard of that anyway.

Question: When a sofa is called a “sleeper” sofa does that mean it is a sofa bed?
These are all called “sleepers” so I’m wondering if that means there is a fold out bed inside. If so, is there a difference between a sofa bed and a sleeper sofa? What is the difference?

Answer: There is no difference. Both a sleeper sofa and a sofa bed are a sofa with a fold out bed inside. It’s like soda and pop, both the same thing but different people call them different names.

Question: Would a futon mattress work on a sleeper sofa?
We recently bought a sleeper sofa, and the mattress is very uncomfortable. Would a futon mattress work, or is there another way to make it comfortable?

Answer: If your just going to put it straight over the top of the sofa bed mattress then it should work just fine!

Where can I get a patterned sectional sleeper sofa ( just a sectional sofa w/o sleeper will also do)?
Looking for a floral or stripe patterned sectional sleeper sofa for our new home.

Answer: and thanks for the great idea.

Question: Possible to soften the “sit” of sofa bed/sleeper sofa cushions?
As is typical of sleepers, the cushions on my leather sofa bed “sit” a bit too firmly because of the stiffness of the sleeper mechanism beneath them. Is there a way to soften this? Something to insert under the cushions? Something an upholsterer could do–perhaps replace the cushion inserts?

Answer: Yes, foam comes in different densities. An upholsterer can get foam and replace your existing cores. Or you can order directly from the supplier below (see drawings for how to order) and ship them to you (USA).

Question: What is the most comfortable sofa sleeper?
We have limited space, my brother was in a motorcycle accident and has to stay with my Mom. We would like to find the most comfortable sofa sleeper for him. If there is one

Answer: Obviously , for a patient sofa sleeper must be very comfortable. There are lots of variety for sofas where you can relax very easily.

Question: How do I turn this couch/sleeper sofa into a bed?
This is one of those sofa sleepers. I have pulled on the frame near the end, and on the frame near the back of the couch, and I can feel the entire couch lift when I pull. I have never owned one of these but I am in a hotel right now and with it being Christmas Eve in Italy, no one is answering the phone at the front desk. Any suggestions??

Answer: Sofa beds usually have a pull in the center of the front of the sofa. There is usually a handle to do so. It’s the only way I have ever seen a sofa bed pull out and it goes back the same way.