Sofa Beds

As you may have guessed, a sofa bed is a piece of furniture with a dual function — it can be used either as a bed or a sofa. In order to use it as a bed, just pull the bed out from beneath the sofa.

Before purchasing a sofa bed, determine who will use the bed — an individual or a couple — and purchase a sofa bed that is of a suitable size. You should also consider how large the room is and whether or not you have linens that will fit it. It is important to check that the leg screws are screwed in correctly and that the corners are done properly with wood blocks glued strongly together. You should not consider purchasing a sofa bed that has joints that are nailed, stapled or unbraced because, over time, they will loosen and become unsteady. Only smooth, upholstered surfaces should be visible when the cushions are removed from the sofa bed. You should not be able to see any wood. If the wood is visible, you will not find the sofa bed to be comfortable. Check the comfort of the sofa bed by sitting on all the cushions for a few minutes while it is in the sofa position and by lying on it while it is in the bed position.

The ease of converting the sofa into a bed is also very important. Failing that, your best bet would be to search some more for your sofa bed. Large diameter tubing is a good material for the skeleton of the sofa because it provides strength. To provide additional strength, the mounting plate of the sofa bed should be bolted onto the sofa’s frame; it should not be screwed on. The best way to test the comfort of a sofa bed would be to have a large person lie down on the sofa bed’s mattress; he/she would be able to tell you if the support bar of the sofa could be felt through the mattress.

Sofa Beds Questions & Answers

Question: Sofa beds…?
I can not find a SOFA BED anywhere for a cheap price….im on a budget so it cant be more than $380……if i DO find a sofa bed, the SHIPPING will raise the price thru the roof…..i WOULD go to a local furniture store but none carry specifically sofa beds. I find futons, daybeds, etc. but NOT a sofa bed.!!!

=( does anyone have a good website for an inexpensive yet comfortable sofa bed?? I’d appreciate it truly!

Answer: IKEA has sofa beds within your price range.

Question: What are the most comfortable and afordable sofa beds ?
I have 2 kids and 1 bedroom apartment. I want to make our bedroom into the kids room and make a Living / Bedroom for mommy and daddy. Any suggestions ? Please leave info on where I can find the sofa beds you recommend.

Answer: I bought the most comfortable couch that I have ever purchased from rooms to go. They are also very reasonable. You might also consider a futon, they can be very comfortable if you get a nice one you can often upgrade the mattress or something like that. Good luck

Question: Which tends to be more comfortable, futons or sofa beds?
I’m a college students so I need furniture for my apartment. I really don’t have the money for expensive furniture so I’m looking for a futon or sofa bed that is under $250. I need if as a couch and also if any of my friends stay over the night. So i want to know which one is more comfortable and likely to remain comfortable longer.

Answer: get a futon with a quality mattress

Question: Where can I find the best looking sofa beds?
Clean and simple lines – not your grandma’s hide-a-bed!

Answer: I would try Ikea ( or Jennifer Converitbles (

Question: Sofa Beds or a normal bed?
Is sofa beds ok for permanent use or for just sleep over’s iv just decorated my sons bedroom and dont know if i should get a bed or a sofa bed

Answer: Oh no, get a regular bed. In the long run you’re son will be happier. Sofa beds are more for a temporary use, like a sleep over, etc…

Question: Where can I find Kids flip out sofa beds?
I can find the ones with the cartoons on them, but I am trying to find one that is less expensive than those. I was hoping to find one with out cartoons on them would be less expensive. Any help??

Answer: u mean those little cousin things that hold like 3 times? we used to have those. u can get them at walmart, target, big lots, ect. they’re rather cheap, and easy to find, especially with the holiday season.
best of luck!

toys r us has theese, but are pricey

Question: Can anyone recommend good, compact sofa beds?
I’m after a double sofabed for a small spare room. I don’t want it to have arms and anything that takes up too much space. Can anyone recommend any good models or good shops/websites to try? (Please don’t suggest generic places like John Lewis)

Answer: In the ultra contemporary world I’m sure there might be something available without arms, but I sold high end furniture in the contemporary market and never saw a sofa bed without arms. Even futons have arms. Doesn’t mean it isn’t available just tough to find. What you are really looking for is something small scaled and that would definitely be an ultra contemporary piece. Check out scandinavian furniture stores or Ligne Roset or any contemporary store in your area. Arms aren’t an issue but space obviously is so a sleek minimalist design is what you actually should be looking at.

Question: Where can you get good inexpensive sofas and sofa beds?

Answer: Ikea has great looking contemporary sofas and sofa beds at a VERY reasonable price. It is, of course, always better to go and look at them in person. If you don’t have one nearby however, you can always go to the website: Just pick the country you live in and away you go!

Another place that sells them relatively inexpensively ( I don’t know what price range you’re going for, so I’ll do my best!) is Pier 1. They have great furniture, and it is of good quality.