Sofa Loveseat Furniture

A living room is likely to be your home’s most popular and essential space. It is the place you relax, entertain guests, and

enjoy the comfort of unwinding by a crackling fire in the hearth. Your living room’s decorating style makes a powerful

statement about you. Is your style more formal or casual? Is the style of your furniture more antique or contemporary? In

terms of deciding to rearrange and redo your living room, the biggest furniture factor is your sofa. After you’ve selected a

sofa that matches your decorative tastes and the way you prefer to use your living room, the rest is a breeze.

For a more relaxed and casual living room style for getting together with friends, think about choosing a sectional sofa.

Sectional furniture is ideal for casual get-togethers and unwinding with friends or enjoying TV. In addition, it is fun for

the entire family. You can use a sectional in a few different ways. If you put it in the corner of your living room you will

still have a lot of available living space. For viewing TV from your sofa, this is an ideal arrangement. As an alternative,

you could position it in a way that the sofa’s back divides the room into separate spaces. In this fashion, you can create an

intimate area for conversing. If your living room lacks a fireplace or TV, arrange a reclining chair or loveseat in front of

the sofa and facing it. This makes for an even more socially inviting ambiance.

For a formal style in a living room, a conventional sofa that seats three is one option. These sofas generally look more

traditional. It is still possible to achieve the seating capacity of a sectional though. Partner your sofa with a loveseat or

even another sofa. The decision of whether to include a TV set in your living room will be based on the formality of the

style you are trying to achieve. For a living room with a fireplace, it is best to arrange your major sofa so that it faces

the hearth. Position your loveseat or extra couch off to the side, closer to the fireplace. Even if you haven’t got a

fireplace, you can still create the ideal spot for guests to congregate and enjoy conversation. Positioning a pair of sofas

right across from one another forms an intimate place for get-togethers. This might appear a bit dated or too conventional to

some people though. If this is the case, you can arrange your extra sofa at an angle to one side, with different chairs or a

loveseat on the opposite side, also at an angle. Arrange this to form a triangle rather than a square, placing your sofa

table in the center. In this manner, you achieve a formal appearance that is simultaneously modern feeling.

You can potentially blend formal with modern styles if you simply apply imagination to the task. After you have purchased

your couch, you can finish decorating the living room with coordinating items. Having a table top arranged with photos or a

floral display that coordinates with both formal and casual styles. A hutch displaying favorite ornaments would also look

good. Wall decorations such as paintings or a mirror add a nice touch. The first thing you need to do is choose your sofa.

Once you find your ideal sofa, the rest of the room will be easy to decorate.

Sofa Loveseat Questions & Answers

Question: What kind of frame should I look for in a sofa/loveseat?
I am shopping for a small sofa/loveseat. From what I learned while looking in different strores is that there are different types of frames. Those with hardwood frames are way more expensive. Is hardwood frame that important? What should I look for besides the frame?

Answer: There are many factors to decide on when purchasing a sofa and the type of frame is definitely a large part. I have attached a detailed article on what to look for in a quality sofa.

Question: How much to upholster a sofa and loveseat?
I would like to know the price of having a professional upholster a sofa and loveseat?

Answer: If you have quality furniture, then go for the upholstery. If not, invest into new furniture as it costs lots to reuphoster and you must consider the conditions of the pillow inserts if your foam has deteriorated..Contact a good quality reuphosterer. Word of mouth is the best. You can visit their shops to see what they are working on and believe me you can tell the differnce in quality. Choose your fabric wisely. Matching florals will be more costly than a a slipcover as well as
tufting. Sometimes the frame need reinforcing. Prices can vary dramatically. And if it is a floral, determine what you would like to have as centered on the back. I have seen beatiful florals off to the side. Make sure you go over the details and that they are matched the same. Lots of luck.

If you decide that the prices are to high, here is a furniture guide to comparison check.

You can contact retailers and get referrals from them. I have also contacted the design center to see who they sub out jobs to.

Question: Where can I buy Sofa/Loveseat Slip Covers? In Chicago?
Where can I buy Sofa/Loveseat Slip Covers? In Chicago? Im need it quickly which is why I dont want to order it. Are the any places in chicago with an large assortment?

Answer: Macy’s, Pottery Barn, Marshall Fields, any of the larger dept. stores, or even Target.

Question: What color loveseat can I match to a burgundy leather sofa?
Have 4 animals that shed constantly. My fabric loveseat (with covers) just doesn’t cut it. I need a leather loveseat. My sofa is burgundy leather, but I don’t seem to be able to even come close to matching it. Don’t want to spend a lot of $. What other color can I get to match or coordinate with it.

Answer: Browns would be your best bet. They’ll be obviously different, but the neutral color won’t compete or make them seem mismatched or give you a rainbow effect. If it’s a darker, near-black burgundy, get the darkest chocolate brown you can find. If it’s a paler, reddish, true burgundy, get a warm medium brown. Stay away from tans and light browns. Stick to a similar style that will go with your sofa, but make sure it isn’t an identical match in design so it doesn’t look like you were just delivered one in the wrong color but kept it anyway…

Question: Sofa/loveseat is plaid, big dark blue stripe, smaller red/green stripes. What color curtains are best?
I don’t want my room to look too dark. I have “sand:” color paint on walls (walls were painted when I had a sage green sofa). Carpet is oatmeal color and I have red area rugs. Trying to avoid too much color, but I need curtains to pull the whole thing together. Help!

Answer: 1] dark blue
2] red of stripe
3] green of stripe
4] oatmeal

Question: If I order a sofa & loveseat what nationwide store will take my old ones and haul them away?
Im looking for a store like sears or any in Maryland that will take your old furniture and haul it away , if you purchase new from them. Thanks

Answer: If it turns out that no store will do it – is an option.

Question: Is it better to re-upholster a sofa & loveseat, or just get slipcovers?
I’m good at sewing and I’ve re-upholstered other furniture before, but never this complex. Which would most likely be my best option?

Answer: It depends upon the quality of the underlying furniture. The cheaper the sofa the more I would consider slipcovers. The higher the quality of the piece, the more I would lean toward re-upholstery.

Question: How do you clean your CLOTH sofa & loveseat?

Answer: you need to read the instructions on the sofa…sometimes you can’t use water. but if you don’t have it scotch guarded, and you’ve tested that the color isn’t going to run, you could get a carpet cleaner with upholstery attachment and clean it that way.

conversely you can hire like sears or something that does carpet cleaning and they will clean couches as well…

usually though, a really thorough vacuuming is sufficient.