Sofa Tables

That space behind the sofa is really needing something to liven it up, but you have no idea what to put there. Elegant sofa tables could be just the easy solution to your situation. A nice sofa table will fill up empty space in your home beautifully with a single simple addition to your decor.

Sofa tables says it all, because that is exactly what this piece of furniture was made for. It was intended to be placed behind your sofa. They are usually about three and a half feet tall, which is the right size for your sofa, and it will also be long and slender.

Occasionally they are the length of the whole sofa, but ordinarily they are around three feet in width.

The thing that makes sofa tables such a striking choice is the many magnificent ways that they can be designed. You can buy a traditional style with beautiful accents and warm oak turned legs. Another option is to get one that seems more antique. It may have looping scrollwork created from a blend of metal and glass. It could feature a wrought iron pewter finished base that supports a lovely tempered glass table top.

In fact, these represent only some of the style choices, since there are many more available. Other choices include colonial, modern, blended styles, and art deco looks. If you want to find the best way to see all your options, just plunge into an online search and shop around. By shopping online, you can see the best deals in sofa tables at all of the major stores. You can comparison shop and find the sofa table that is right for you before you ever step foot out the door. What you do purchase will be delivered to your house, so you won’t have to be concerned about how you are going to get it from point A to point B.

Although sofa tables are intended to go behind sofas, they may be a wonderful enhancement to other places in your house too. For example, one of these might be a great choice for placing at the end of a hallway. In addition, you can place one in an entry area to form an inviting place for welcoming friends. Among the other spots that you could put it in your home would be in your dining room or bedroom; the bathroom is a good choice too.

A sofa table is not just an item to set in front of your sofa. With a bit of imagination, you can think of many other attractive and functional placements for a sofa table throughout your home.

Sofa Tables Furniture Questions & Answers

Question: I have a dark blue sofa, oak end tables and beige carpet. What color should I paint my walls?
My sofa and love seat is dark blue, oak tables and enterntainment center with beige carpet. My living room is connected to the dining room. I would like to coordinate them together. Any suggestions?

Answer: Since your furniture and carpet are neutral colors, then keeping the wall neutral will really make your furnishings pop. There are different shades of beige and taupe you could look at, and I visualized a coffee-with-cream kind of colour. It may sound boring, but take a look at some of the sample strips so you can see how classy it would look.

Question: Mission style tables with contemporary sofa?
I have a modern IKEA Karlstad sofa…wood legs, sleek design. How well would it mix with mission style end/coffee tables?

Answer: actually, i think those two styles harmonize quite well. Mission-style is really the predecessor of the modern aesthetic with it’s straight-forward design.

Question: What color wall paint would complement a red sofa and black tables in a living room?

Answer: How about a silvery grey?

Go to Sherwin Williams website. They will have free software than you can utilize to help make the decision.

Benjamin Moore paint sells samples so that you can paint an area and see how it fits your furniture, house life, and how different shades of light look on the color.

Question: Help me with finding a curved or arched sofa table?
I recently purchased a black arched sofa sectional with two recliners on the ends. I would like to find a long arched sofa table to fit behind it. Any ideas?

Answer: Try I bought one from them earlier this year. You could also run a search through any engine using “curved console or sofa table”. I just Googled it an got a bunch of options. Good Luck!

Question: How much weight can a sofa table support?
I’m trying to determine whether our existing half-moon shaped sofa table can support a 50in plasma TV that weighs about 100 lbs. The sofa table’s dimentions are: 51″ Wide, 18″ Deep and 30.5″ High. It is half-moon shaped with four fluted legs about 2″ thick. Thanks.

Answer: Sofa tables on the average can support 70 lbs..maybe a bit more…i have a 4 thinly-legged sofa table thats about 50″ wide, 18″ deep and 22″ high. Its bearing the full weight of my 47″ 137 lbs HDTV for the last 3 years. Cant seem to buy the accompanying stand coz its $300 down the drain.

Question: Where can i buy glass for sofa table?
My sofa table glass just broke and i need another one.can you help me how to buy 1 or where

Answer: Any glass company can cut one to size. Check the telephone directory for glass companies.

Question: How high should my sofas end tables be?
I want to know how high your end table needs to be in relation to your sofa. Also what are the appropriate heights for the coffee table and console table in relation to the sofa height. I know it has something to do with the seat height and the arm height. THanks!

Answer: You want your end table to be slightly below the arm of your sofa. If it’s higher it can cause some problems. For instance, you don’t want to set a drink on the end table and have it tip over only to spill all of the contents right over the arm and into the cushions.

And you definitely don’t want it so low that you can’t reach it from a sitting position. You don’t want to have to lean over the sofa arm just to reach your coffee or latest issue of EGM.

Also take into consideration the light from the lamp on your end table. You don’t want the table so low or so hight that you can see the bare bulb.

So you want your end table to be a comfortable height. A height that allows easy access but won’t allow for disaster increase (such as a spilling liquid). And a height that will prevent temporary blindness from a bright, lamp bulb.

Question: How high should a mirror be hung above a sofa table? My husband hung it?
13 inches above the table. The frame on the mirror is 2 1/2 inches thick, so it’s like 15 3/4 from the table to the actual mirror.

Answer: Mirrors should reflect anything except the ceiling if you only see the ceiling in it its too high.Eye level is best you must decide if that is sitting or standing.Its your home what pleases you is always the best height.