Wood Sofa Tables Furniture

Perhaps you need more space to display items and a good place to set down your drink. In this case, you may be considering

buying a sofa table.

If you already have quite a few of the traditional items of furniture a house needs, a good sofa table will be the perfect

addition to your room. Take care to choose a sofa table that matches all of the other items of furniture in your room. Here

are a few things to think about when you are looking for a good wood sofa table.

Other Wood Pieces

Look at the type of wood that is already present in the room. This is a great place to begin when choosing a wood sofa table

for your room. It may not be easy to find a table with a nice wood finish, but it is really the best option.

Perhaps you could find something in unfinished wood and custom stain it to match all of the furnishings in your room.

If you really want to change the way your living room looks, you can strip your old pieces of furniture and stain them, and

the new piece, in a whole new color scheme.

What is currently on the walls?

Of course, you don’t want your wood sofa table to be the only wooden item in the room.  Be sure to select some smaller wooden

items to complement it and help it blend in with your decor. Have a look at the walls to see what will blend. Consider the

color they have been painted. Are you using any borders in the room? Do you have nice picture frames? What style of drapery?

Be sure to choose your colors in a way that blends with your wood sofa furniture. In this way you will create a complementary

look for the whole room.

Partner With the Sofa

One of key things to remember when choosing a wood sofa table is that you want to get one that will match well with your

couch. You don’t want an odd pairing between your sofa and your sofa table. After all, they have a long life to spend

together. They might as well be compatible.  People are sure to notice if they don’t match. It is also important that you

take a note of any wood accents or colors in the fabric of your couch prior to picking a sofa table to match it.

Making A Choice

One way to narrow down your choices is by shopping on the Internet. Today you will find an online site for most furniture

stores. This is a good way to see what is available and what looks good in your house. Take some time to sit in the room and

study the colors and space. In this way, you will be sure to find a sofa table that really complements your area. When you do

this, you will be able to sort through all the options and rule out the ones that just won’t work. In this way, you will be

able to find an item of furniture that will be just right.

Wood Sofa Furniture Questions & Answers

Question: Looking for a dark wood console or sofa table like this one- see link in details- any ideas?
Im looking for a dark wood console/sofa table kind of like this one- anyone have any ideas or recommendations?


Answer: Look at these:


Question: What wall color goes best with terra cotta floor tile, rustic wood furnitures & a taupe sofa?

Answer: Try something in the chocolate family if your room is big enough; otherwise look into the mid green tones or brick reds. Don’t be afraid of color – if you are trying to pull off a tuscany theme color is everything!!

Question: What glue should I use to re-attach Legs to sofa Chair. The legs and the bottom of chair are wood.?
2 legs on my sofa chair have loosened and become detched. I can no longer screw them in. I tried crazy glue but it did not hold. The legs are wood with a spiraled metal coming out the top that is meant to screw into the bottom of the chair. The legs are wood. The bottom of the chair is wood. How can I re-attached them?

Answer: the ideal wood-to-wood glues are the moisture cure urethanes, aka Gorilla Glue/variants. It will have more flexibility than an elmer’s type wood glue. The idea of a liquid nails/solvent based adhesive is an option. They tend to be a solvated urethane system.

do what you can to take off the excess super glue. also make absolutely sure there is no felt or underliner on the bottom of the couch that you are trying to bond through.

Question: Will it look strange to put tile and metal end tables in the house with all dark wood furniture?
I just moved to a condo and bought new furniture. I’m having the last of it delivered and I’m worried that my metal and tile end tables are going to look strange with the rest of the condo because it’s all espresso wood. Sofa is beige and ;looks great with the tables, but it will be near a dark dinette.

Answer: if they look fine with the sofa, i would not be concerned…all things do not need to match perfectly…as long as they dont oppose each other..it gives personality to your home, and if you love them, they belong there..you can always make or buy an arrangement with metal and stones or tile to add as a centerpiece to your dinette..